Delicious Cake.

26 Aug

This week I’ve been attending a bunch of preschool open houses, to speak to parents about the library and early literacy and what they can do at home to encourage their child’s pre-reading skills.  Seeing all those new preschoolers check out their classrooms reminded me of a conversation I had with one new student last year.

He was busily trying out the play kitchen, and handed me a plate.

“What’s this?” I asked.

“Chicken,” he responded.

“Mmmm.  I like chicken!”  I noisily pretended to eat, and then handed the plate back.  A few minutes later, he tried to give me another plate.

“What’s this?”


“I already had some chicken.  Can I have dessert?”  He put down the plate, picked up another, and handed it to me.

“What’s this?”


“Oh, I love cake!  What kind of cake is it?”


Delicious cake.  My favorite kind.  Much better than inedible, salty, or choke-it-down-if-you-must cake.

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