Puppets: Making preschoolers cry.

17 Feb

Today, my penguin puppet and I did a storytime about food (what does a penguin have to do with food storytime? You’ll just have to wait for that answer). After our stories, the penguin (named Frosty) and I were fielding questions from the kids while I tried to pack up. Well, Frosty was fielding the questions. I was superflous (except for the, ya know, talking for him and stuff). In the midst of all the cacophony, one of the Child Find ladies and I noticed that one young man was crying. We asked what was wrong, and he wailed, “It was my turn!”. “Your turn to talk to Frosty?” I asked? “Yes!” he cried. Frosty and I gave the young man our undivided attention. “What did you want to tell him?” I asked.

“Uh, uh, uh…” he said. “We’re out of cereal.”

Our theory is that in the midst of all his wailing, he forgot what he wanted to ask. But he DID stop crying after telling Frosty about the cereal deficit. Phew.

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