Big words: not just for grown-ups anymore

10 Jun

Words I heard used by preschoolers in storytime yesterday:

1) Transparent. Used incorrectly, to describe something black, but in the right context. We discussed what transparent means and its opposite, “opaque”.

2) Transformative. Not used in a sentence, but still!  She was showing off her big words.

3) Thingamabob. Used repeatedly, until I had to tell the little guy that yes, he said thingamabob, I heard him, that’s enough.

See? Teach kids vocabulary and they will remember and use it. These guys also knew that penguins and polar bears do NOT live together. Smart kids!

One Response to “Big words: not just for grown-ups anymore”

  1. curegirl0421 June 10, 2010 at 2:53 pm #

    Transformative!! That’s a big one for most grownups I know. 🙂

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