And the winners are…

10 Jan

This morning I had the good fortune to, for the first time, attend the announcement of the 2011 ALA Youth Media Awards in person. The room was buzzing, as youth librarians from around the world celebrated our version of the Oscars. Without the designer gowns and red carpet posing (maybe we should add that… or does that happen at the full conference this summer?)

I did my best to live-tweet the winners, but my ipod touch died right before the thing started and I couldn’t type fast enough on my phone. So I just gave the highlights. The full list can be found on ALA’s website here.

The biggies, for me, though:







I’m generally pretty bad at predicting the winners (except for last year), and I’ll admit that most of the Newbery winners were completely off my radar this year. But they all look great! Congratulations to the winners!

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