Ribbit! Frog and Friends Storytime

17 Apr

One of the preschool teachers I work with LOVES frogs. Really, seriously, LOVES frogs. So every year I do a frog-themed storytime especially for her. Although, I do it for me too – there are so many great frog stories and songs out there! I call this one “Frog and Friends” because I might throw in a turtle or snake book too.

I have an awesome Folkmanis frog puppet; his name’s Freddy and he’s got long limbs and is very flaily. For some reason he speaks


with a southern accent (I think it stems from the New York librarian who used to tell “The Wide-Mouthed Frog” with a southern accent. And she was from Brooklyn). He introduces himself, shows off his amazing hopping ability, and then sits down to listen to stories about “him” (he’s not modest).

  • Big Frog Can’t Fit In by Mo Willems. POP-UP BOOK ALERT!! Poor big frog, she’s too big for her book, and that makes her sad. But she has great friends who find a solution.
  • Flannelboard/Song: “Little White Duck”. Originally sung by Burl Ives, lots of the preschool teachers don’t know this one – or haven’t used it in a while! It’s a great song, and while it’s not particularly interactive if the kids don’t know the song, for some reason when I sing it they’re hypnotized. Seriously. Dead quiet. I don’t know why. Try it out. I made flannelboard pieces of a duck, frog, bug, snake and lilypad which I put on the board one by one.
  • Frog in the Bog by Karma Wilson. Cool rhymes! Silly story! And the frog grows a little…bit…bigger.
  • Song: “5 Green and Speckled Frogs” Don’t we all know this one? I have a set of little frog finger puppets, and I made a log out of felt (glued in a tube shape) and a felt pond for them to jump into. I set the pond on the floor and the log on my knees, so I can play the tune on the ukulele.
  • Jump! Fischer, Scott. We end with this, and everyone gets up so they can jump at appropriate times. Lots of giggling ensues. I love this book.

Other books I might use:

Ribbit! Gotta hop now!

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