Flannel Friday! Shapes Rhyme (now with homemade finger puppets!)

29 Apr

Today’s Flannel Friday post is about shapes! Technically, this isn’t a flannel BOARD story (although it can be used as such) but a rhyme told with puppets.  When I first read this rhyme, I decided, since the shapes are “talking”, they should be puppets. So I cut the shapes out of two pieces of felt, glued them together on all but one side (leaving a space for fingers), and added faces, googly eyes, hands, and feet. The finished product looks like this:

Meet Ricky Rectangle

Here’s the rhyme:

Ricky Rectangle is my name,

My four sides are not the same.

Two are short and two are long.

Count my sides, come right along!

I’m Sammy Square, that’s my name

My four sides are just the same.

Sammy and Ricky strut their stuff!

I’m Timmy Triangle, that’s my name!

My three sides are short, or long, or just the same!

I’m Suzie Circle.

Watch me bend!

Round and round from end to end.

Timmy and Suzie. Suzie looks rather surprised! (her mouth is also a circle)

 Ollie Oval, that is me.

I’m not round, as you can see!

Like an egg that is laid,

That’s the way I am made!

Ollie's one happy shape.

While hunting for the original source of this rhyme, I found similar versions online that include stars, diamonds, octagons, and even hearts.  Maybe I’ll add to my shape puppet collection!

Please also visit So Tomorrow, Rain Makes Applesauce, Miss Mollie, Mel’s Desk, Nikarella and Storytime Katie (links to the right) for more Flannel Friday Fun! And if you’re on twitter, search for #flannelfriday.


5 Responses to “Flannel Friday! Shapes Rhyme (now with homemade finger puppets!)”

  1. missmaryliberry May 3, 2011 at 3:38 pm #

    Thanks, Bradley! This is great!

  2. Katie May 3, 2011 at 2:17 pm #

    I *love* these! I wish I had had them when I did shapes storytime last winter — but I am definitely bookmarking them for the next time I tackle that theme!

  3. Bradley April 30, 2011 at 12:53 pm #

    I like this shape flannelboard/puppet story a lot! Thanks for sharing it. I have been using this one as a group movement activity:

    Make a circle, make a circle,
    Draw it in the sky,
    Use your finger, use your finger,
    Make it round as a pie.

    Draw a square, draw a square,
    Make the lines so straight,
    Draw a square, draw a square,
    Four lines make it great!

    Triangle, triangle
    Across, up, and down
    Triangle, triangle
    Sitting on the ground

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