Books I saw at ALA that’s I’m REALLY REALLY looking forward to getting

6 Jul

At ALA Annual last week in New Orleans, I spent a little time in the exhibits hall strolling through the publishers’ booths, checking out the upcoming books (and scoring a little swag. But just a little. I was being very restrained). Since there was no possible way I could read all the upcoming titles that looked interesting, and since I’m too lazy to write them down (plus had my hands full with the aforementioned swag), I took pictures of the covers to remind myself to find those books again. I hereforth (is that a word?) share my most anticipated* titles with you. The pictures link to Amazon or Indiebound, if I could find the titles:

*I know some of these are already out. But I haven’t actually seen them yet, so they’re all new to me!

EVERYTHING Jan Thomas produces is GOLD.

Dogs. Donuts. Numeroff. 'Nuff said.

Looks like it will be fun for storytime!

(and I’m not just including April Pulley Sayre because she said on twitter that she liked one of my Flannel Friday posts.)

Eric Carle! What more do you want?

Adored the first one. Can't wait for the second!

Hot Rod Hamster's having a birthday!

No, not a picturebook. BUT STILL.

Eve Bunting!

I know nothing about this book other than that the cover is very, very cute. Yes, I'm judging it by its cover.

Wonderful illustrations by Deborah Freedman

More llama drama from Anna Dewdney!

I love Erica Perl, and not just because she gave me a bunch of Chicken Butt temporary tattoos. You know what?

Neat idea! By Cheryl Bardoe

It's a new Antoinette Portis book! Yay!

You had me at "Giant Fold Out Book" (and Simms Taback)

Pardon my finger in the picture. I am a HUGE Jarrett Krosoczka fan, and I love Lauren Thompson too! This should be great!

Poor Bear! Good thing he allows Mouse to visit now.

Katie Davis!

I can’t wait to get my hot little hands on each of these titles. What are your most-anticipated new books?

4 Responses to “Books I saw at ALA that’s I’m REALLY REALLY looking forward to getting”

  1. Carol Edwards July 6, 2011 at 3:38 pm #

    I had hardly any time for the exhibits– so I am eternally grateful for the update. thanks for thinking of the rest of us. I wonder if I had taken a stroll through I would have found entirely different titles. Sometimes I think that the booths change drastically from day to day, but they would be silly not to promote these. Carol

  2. clevinso July 6, 2011 at 2:26 pm #

    i want! oh waiting hurts…woe is me.

  3. missmaryliberry July 6, 2011 at 12:15 pm #

    Nice! Think I need to break Hot Rod Hamster out this summer for a transportation storytime.

  4. Anne July 6, 2011 at 9:07 am #

    Definitely looking forward to the Thomas and Davis books. Oh, and Derek Anderson spoke at Michigan’s youth librarian conference this spring and was fantastic so I’m eagerly anticipating Happy Birthday Hamster as well. My nephew LOVES Hot Rod Hamster–we gave it to him after the conference.

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