Flannel Friday: Flannelboards Inspired by Others

5 Aug

Hi all! No new flannels for you today; I wanted, instead, to share my excitement with all the wonderful bloggers/librarians who have joined in Mel’s Flannel Friday endeavor and have inspired me greatly! Here are MY version of some of their friday flannels:

Both Anne and Sharon have a version of Flip Flap Jack, and it’s a great fun song! I really liked how Sharon’s co-worker used pictures of real food, so I replicated that:

My clerk and I decided he needed a nose, so he has a cherry nose. Each item is covered in clear contact paper, with a piece of double-stick tape on the back, and we covered a piece of construction paper with contact paper. The food sticks very nicely to that – and can be easily removed!

I got “Little Mouse” from Anne also. I had heard the rhyme before, but Anne’s post is what finally motivated me to make it! My kids LOVE these kinds of guessing games. It also inspired me to create this color spinner for big crowds.

Ahhh...flourescent lighting gives it such a lovely glow, doesn't it?

The mouse pattern is here.

I have loved these owls from the moment Katie posted them and have been itching to make them! The original idea, though, comes from Leah at Sunflower Storytime (where the template lives!) Although I wont be doing my bird-themed storytime for a few months, I finally made them last week and have them ready to go.


I lucked out in that a co-worker who plans our teen programs happened to have a bag of colored feathers, so mine got a little addition. They’re so cute, and I love how colorful they are!  Storytime Moxie also created a version.

What has Flannel Friday inspired you to make?

Visit Anna later today for the full Flannel Friday roundup! And if you’re on Pinterest, look for Flannel Friday there too! You’ll find all of the past flannels organized into categories! It’s a great visual way to find the flannel you want (and get some new inspiration!).


4 Responses to “Flannel Friday: Flannelboards Inspired by Others”

  1. Moxie Librarian August 20, 2011 at 3:09 pm #

    Love the spinner idea for Little Mouse! Might have to steal 😉

  2. missmaryliberry August 5, 2011 at 10:01 am #

    So much of what we do in storytime is public domain stuff; it would be hard to argue about copying! But patterns, yes, I am glad folks are willing to share! My owls would not be nearly as cute if Leah hadn’t made her pattern available on her blog! That’s why I always try really hard to cite my sources (like any good librarian) and give credit where it’s due. If possible.

  3. Anne August 5, 2011 at 9:08 am #

    Love the owl feathers. I think my favorite part of Flannel Friday is seeing how other people interpret (and re-intepret) the same source material. I was worried people would be high-school dramatic and argue about copying, but the spirit of Flannel Friday and sharing ideas live!


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