Flannel Friday: The Mitten by Jan Brett

9 Dec

I’m pretty sure most of us know and have shared Jan Brett’s wonderful book The Mitten with our storytime kids. It really is a delightful winter tale, with opportunities for prediction and detailed illustrations. It is the details in the illustrations that may make it difficult to share this Ukranian folktale with a large group (they won’t be able to see the details well or focus on the important stuff), so why not turn the story into a flannelboard? Jan Brett herself makes this easy as she provides pdf drawings of both a large mitten and the animals in the story, so that kids can help you fill the mitten. Here’s mine:

Mitten! 2 layers of sparkly, snow-white felt.


And finally, the mitten, brimming with animals (okay, not really. You could make multiples of the animals for a larger group and they would fit. It’s a BIG mitten!

This would also make a great take-home craft after sharing the book in storytime; kids could re-tell the story from memory, which is a great early literacy booster!

Other versions of The Mitten folktale: by Jim Aylesworth (illustrated by Barbara McClintock) and by Alvin Tresselt.

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I like the phrase “one fell swoop.” It’s fun to say. Why don’t I say it more often?


One Response to “Flannel Friday: The Mitten by Jan Brett”

  1. Mary Kate Witry December 6, 2014 at 11:43 am #

    How do you get your characters on the white felt to color them?

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