New(ish) Books I (And the Preschoolers) Love: Spring 2012 Edition

31 May

May storytimes for me are always theme-less; as I am in the fortunate position to be able to give each child in my program a new book to keep (thanks, Library Foundation!) part of the time we would spend reading stories is spent on choosing our books. So I generally just grab some cool new books to share with the kids in an abbreviated storytime. Here are some of the new ones we love:

  • Litwin, Eric. Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons. It’s obvious I love Pete, as I’ve posted before about this book here and here.
  • Haughton, Chris. Oh No, George! George wants to be good. He hopes to be good. But it’s tough making good choices when there’s a WHOLE CAKE left unprotected in the kitchen! The ending is left open for us to decide what choice George makes. I adore the abstract illustrations using mostly pink, red, orange, blue and green.
  • Seeger, Laura Vaccaro. Green. So many shades of green! So many beautifully painted illustrations!
  • Willems, Mo. The Duckling Gets a Cookie!? The pigeon faces yet another injustice with his usual…ahem…grace?
  • Cleminson, Kate. Otto the Book Bear. This isn’t a rollicking silly story, but rather a quiet tale of a book character who comes to life when no one’s looking, and when his readers accidentally leave him behind, sets off to find a new home.
  • Jeffers, Oliver. Stuck. Not so new, as it came out last fall, but I hadn’t yet shared it with the kids. Oliver’s solution, when his kite becomes stuck in the tree, is to throw everything at it. Including the kitchen sink.
  • Intriago, Patricia. Dot. Also not so new, but the first time I’ve shared it. What a cool way to illustrate opposites!
  • Moore, Inga. A House in the Woods. Also a fall 2011 release. When the pigs’ homes are destroyed (accidentally) by bear and moose, the four friends decide to build a house for all to share. They enlist the beavers (as construction crew) who demand peanut butter sandwiches as payment. The illustrations are filled with charming details that make this story a delight!

What are YOUR new favorites? I know I missed lots!

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