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Flannel Friday (WHAT!? A Post? REALLY?): Watermelon Contest

14 Jun

Hey! Long time no blog! Yes, I realize it’s been 3 MONTHS since my last post. I apologize for neglecting this blog; I plead busyness. I’ve been busy with a bunch of projects, some of which I will post about here, soon, and haven’t made any new flannelboards or felt inspired to write on anything else.  I promise I’ll do better. PLEASE don’t break up with me!

This flannel is a result of reading Greg Pizzoli’s new story The Watermelon Seed and feeling inspired to create a “summer foods” storytime. You know, all those things we like to eat especially in summer? Hot dogs, popsicles, ice cream, watermelon. If you haven’t read Greg’s book, DO IT NOW. It’s delightful, and accurate. I know I worried about things growing in my belly when I was a kid.

I found this on Making Learning Fun:

(tune: London Bridge is Falling Down)

Find the largest watermelon, watermelon, watermelon

Find the largest watermelon at the fair.

Give it a blue ribbon, blue ribbon, blue ribbon

Give the largest watermelon a blue ribbon.


I made 5 watermelon and 5 ribbons, so 5 kids at a time can come up and award prizes to the largest, next largest, etc. I think I would switch it up and perhaps ask the kids to award the first place to the smallest, next smallest, etc. Maybe I’ll make strange shaped watermelon and ask them to award prizes to the squarest, silliest, etc.. Endless possibilities!


The roundup today will be hosted by Katherine.  Check out all past flannels via our pinterest page (click the icon on the right sidebar).

Happy flanneling!

(Happy 2nd Anniversary) Flannel Friday: Rhyming Pairs

15 Mar

First of all: HAPPY 2ND ANNIVERSARY, FLANNEL FRIDAY! Can you believe it’s been MORE THAN 2 years since Melissa at Mel’s Desk posted her first flannelboard and promised to make it a regular Friday event? And 2 years since our first round-up? Wow. What a great couple of years it’s been, and how many GREAT ideas have been shared and connections made.

This flannelboard is inspired by a couple I saw on pinterest as I was perusing the “rhymes” board looking for something new to use in my rhyming stories-themed storytime. I liked LQ’s Little Green Bug on a Rug (got me thinking about “bug on a rug” and other rhyming pairs) and Sharon’s “Clap Your Lap” with its big words showing ending sounds.  I thought it might be fun to make pictures of more of these pairs of words and have the kids figure out what they were – say the rhyming words – while adding the words to the pictures to add the print connection. Y’all know HOW MUCH I like putting words on my flannels.

As I started thinking about the pairs I wanted to use, I knew I didn’t have the time or inclination to make ALL of them out of felt. So, I went the google image route. I’m not going to share the pictures I found with you (COPYRIGHT!), but trust me, if you google image search each of the phrases below, you will find some EXCELLENT and FUNNY examples*. I added decorative frames around each picture (clipart I purchased from etsy here), put the words on, covered in contact paper, added a velcro dot to the back, and voilá! Rhyming pairs pictures.  I will show the pics to the kids and ask them to describe what they see. Then I will point out the words on the bottom: “Yes! It’s a cat in a hat!”

Not the Dr. Seuss version.

Not the Dr. Seuss version.

The phrases I used are:

Pup in a Cup

Bug on a Rug

Frog on a Log

Moose with a Goose

Mouse in a House

Pig in a Wig

Ted [Teddy Bear] in the Bed

Sunny Bunny [bunny in sunglasses]

Bee in a Tree

Snake on a Lake

Mouse in a House

Sheep Asleep

Owl in a Towel [the first pic that comes up in image search is my MOST FAVORITE PICTURE OF ALL TIME]

*I can share the Cat in the Hat picture because that’s my own kitty, gettin’ her snooze on, with a little hat I added in MS Word. Feel free to use it for your own rhyming pairs pictures:

There was NO WAY I was getting her to wear a REAL hat.

There was NO WAY I was getting her to wear a REAL hat.

Today’s anniversary round-up is hosted by our most excellent founder, Melissa! Check there later for all the flannelly goodness, and click on the icon to the right to visit our pinterest page. Also, if you want to see where in the world your fellow flannel friday friends (ooh, nice alliteration!) are, check out this cool map that Anne, Mollie and Amy created! Add yourself if you’re not there!

Happy flanneling!

What Flannel Friday Means to Me, aka, A WHOLE FREAKIN’ LOT!

9 Mar


Next week marks the two year anniversary of Flannel Friday, which began when Melissa of Mel’s Desk decided to post a new flannel board idea every Friday. Soon after, Anne at So Tomorrow and I decided to follow suit, and A MOVEMENT WAS BORN! In two years, we’ve gained a hashtag, a pinterest account, a website, a facebook group, and many, MANY participants in the US and internationally. WOW!

Librarians have always been great at sharing. It’s kind of our job – finding, curating, storing and making information available to others – and children’s librarians are ALWAYS willing to share our best ideas with others in our (and related) professions. It’s something I’ve always loved about my colleagues. And Flannel Friday is the best example of this sharing spirit.

I started my blog (in January of 2010, I think?) as part of my library’s Library 2.0 training – we were learning about various technologies we might encounter in our work with patrons – and I quickly decided I wanted to keep it up. I didn’t know if anyone would ever read it, but I enjoyed writing and sharing my best storytime successes – and the often hilarious and sweet things preschoolers said in those storytimes. Flannel Friday, however, grew my readership by leaps and bounds.  It’s one thing to know that you’ve created a flannelboard that was enjoyed by your storytime patrons, but it’s quite another to know that your comrades-in-early-literacy like your idea and want to replicate it.   We all need that feedback and recognition from our professional colleagues – a little pat on the back is a good thing.

In addition to new readers, what else has Flannel Friday given me?

  • A community. I have librarian friends I have never met, but feel like I have known for ages.  Even one in Scotland. Look out, LQ, I’ll be visiting you someday!
  • Creative energy in abundance. When I find a flannel I want to replicate, or someone else’s flannel spurs an idea of my own, I get SO EXCITED and want to get working on it immediately.
  • Something awesome to be proud of. It’s a great feeling to be able to direct other librarians and teachers to the Flannel Friday pinterest page and know that I, in my little way, helped create that.  I’m also proud to share the immense creativity and passion of children’s librarians. We love our jobs, and it shows in the love and care we put into our programs for children.

Flannel Friday, you’re THE BEST!

P.S.: Stay tuned. I got a GREAT idea, spawned from something I found on our Pinterest page, that I’m gonna make for next week’s FF! Can’t wait!

Flannel Friday: Hickory Dickory Dock

1 Feb

Hickory, dickory, dock. The mouse ran up the clock. The clocks struck one, the mouse ran down. Hickory, dickory, dock!

I’m sure you’re all familiar with this nursery rhyme. But how many KIDS are? Nursery rhymes are not as commonly recited as they once were, but they can be an important tool for learning early literacy skills so it’s fun to break them out in storytime every now and then!

I found the ukulele chords for this one, so I decided I had to use it and we could all sing along. The clock was created in MS Word shape drawing, and the mouse is clipart. He’s perfect, though, don’t you think? The clock hands are held on with a pin so that they’re moveable; I cut an eraser off a pencil to stick on back.

That mouse is ready to RUN!

That mouse is ready to RUN!

My greatest achievement was making the mouse moveable up the clock. He’s got part of a hanging file folder tab (those plastic thingees you stick a piece of paper in to label your files) attached to his back. It allows him to clip on the side of the clock and you can slide him up and down by holding the tab.

The mouse's (and clock's) backside

The mouse’s (and clock’s) backside

It worked really well. I had the teachers move the clock hands and mouse as I played and we all enjoyed it! The rhyme I used had something for (almost) every hour:

Clock struck 2…away he flew.

3…and he did flee.

4…he hit the door.

5…he took a dive.

6…that mouse, he split [yes, I KNOW it doesn’t rhyme!].


As 12 bells rang, the mousie sprang.


Today’s roundup will be hosted by the lovely and talented Anne at So Tomorrow. As always, if you want to see ALL the flannelboards of months (years, even!) past, click the icon to the right. DON’T FORGET to answer Anne’s survey about where you are – we want to know where all our peeps are at!

Happy flanneling!

Flannel Friday: 5 Little Snowmen

18 Jan

Long time no post, y’all! Sorry for that. I hope to be fully back WITH A VENGEANCE soon. Okay, maybe not with a or any vengeance.

I didn’t have time to make these pieces out of felt, so I made them in MS Word using the shape drawing feature. The sun is clipart.


The rhyme I used with them goes like this (we also did the actions):

5 little snowmen standing in a row (5 fingers)

each with a hat and a bright red bow (hand on head, two hands pull bow)

Out came the sun and it shone all day (hands over head in circle shape)

And 1 little snowman melted away (wiggle fingers down to ground)

4 little snowmen… etc.

As each snowman melted, I replaced them with a melted version:


At the end, we’re left with nothing but a row of puddles:


Here’s a closeup of the snowmen. Each has a number on it corresponding to its hat brim color:


The roundup today will be hosted by Katie at Story Time Secrets. And, as always, if you want to see ALL past flannels, click on the icon to the right to go to our pinterest page.

Happy flanneling!

Flannel Friday: Sorting Socks Game

7 Dec


I have to start with a shout-out to my friend Becky who runs Denver Craft Ninjas (and who has just started an awesome new crafting party business, Kunoichi Craft Events): after several felt-related craft projects, she found herself left with far more felt than she could ever hope to use up. So she very kindly donated a chunk of it to the library for flannelboard making! That’s how I was able to create the clothes dryer below: with a large piece of cream-colored felt courtesy of Becky and the Denver Craft Ninjas.


I told the kids that I did my laundry before I came, and now I needed their help to sort the socks into pairs. If you’ve got a small enough group you can invite children up to pull out a sock and add it to the flannelboard. If its mate is already up there, they can put them together to make a pair. We identify the colors, too. If it’s a larger group like I had today, I do the sock pulling and putting. But the kids help me figure out what color we’ve got and if its mate is already on the board.



The kids had a great time with this game – the yelled out the colors and quickly noted a match. It’s a great addition to my clothing-themed storytime!


The clothes dryer is a box with a hole cut in (a kleenex box would work, although mine is a bit larger and sturdier), covered in cream-colored felt wrapped like a gift. I glued two pieces of felt over the hole but there’s plenty of room for me (or a kid) to stick my hand in and remove socks. I added black circles with paint for a little flair.

I’m really proud of this project and so far, the kids have LOVED it!

Today’s roundup will be hosted by Cate at Storytiming. And to see all past flannels, click on the icon to the right to visit our Pinterest page!

Happy flanneling!

Flannel Friday: 5 Little Cookies

30 Nov

A quick-and-easy flannel Friday for y’all today, because that’s all I had time for. I made cookies for this same rhyme a while ago, but decided I don’t like them anymore. These took me about 15 minutes yesterday – just 5 circles of tan felt, with puffy paint “icing” (I like the way it looks more like icing than felt, but you can certainly do that too).


And here’s the rhyme:

5 little cookies, with frosting galore,

Mother ate the white one, and then there were 4.

4 little cookies, 2 and 2 you see,

Father ate the green one, and then there were 3.

3 little cookies, but before I knew,

Sister ate the yellow one, and then there were 2.

2 little cookies, oh what fun!

Brother ate the brown one, and then there was 1.

1 little cookie. Watch me run!

I ate the red one, and then there were NONE!

So – we have colors, we have counting, and we have cookies. 3 of my favorite things. I’ll be breaking out the cookie-related stories this month, as well as using one of my favorite chants, “Who Stole the Cookies from the Cookie Jar!” for a good sweet-tooth storytime.

The roundup today will be hosted by Linda at Notes from the Story Room. It’s a holiday EXTRAVAGANZA so get all your winter holiday flannels planned in one fell swoop!

Now there’s a phrase we don’t use often enough: ONE FELL SWOOP.

Happy flanneling.


Flannel Friday: 5 Bears in the Bed

9 Nov

I do Bear storytime every fall – my bear puppet’s getting ready to hibernate so we read him some bedtime stories.

The song “Ten In the Bed” (or 5, in this case) is a staple for my bedtime stories theme, but also works great for this storytime. I had a flannelboard already made up for this one, but it was looking pretty sad and careworn, so I decided to re-do it.

For anyone not in the know, here’s the song (and you can find the tune here):

5 bears in the bed (hold up 5 fingers) and the little one said:

“roll over! roll over!” (roll hands)

So they all rolled over and one fell out! (1 bear falls out of bed)

4 bears in the bed… etc.

The kids especially enjoy if, when a bear falls out, he actually flies through the air and lands on the floor. Flying felt is ALWAYS a hit.

I got the bed pattern from Making Learning Fun. The bears are a result of a clipart search for a pattern.

Today’s roundup will be hosted by Anna, our Future Librarian Superhero! And click the icon to the right to see all past flannels, organized visually by categories.

Happy flanneling!

Flannel Friday: Make a Robot!

26 Oct

Here’s a flannel idea that includes vocabulary learning (shapes, sizes), print awareness (shape names) and a whole lotta fun! We’re gonna build a robot!

I cut a bunch of different-sized shapes out of felt. I stuck to square, rectangle, triangle and circle (because my portable flannelboard is small) but you could certainly add more. I also made labels for the four shape names in felt with fabric paint.

The first thing we did was organize our robot “parts.” I put up the shape names and then I asked the kids the name of the shape I held up and put it with its name. I only asked them about 2 or 3 of each shape, because I made lots and it would have taken too long. But we did talk about if the new shape was “bigger” or “smaller” than the other, and I mentioned that we had small, medium and large sizes.

Then the kids selected a piece for the body (if you have a small enough group you could ask individuals to come up and pick; we just did it by consensus). I asked what other parts we needed (head, legs, arms, feet) and we selected those shapes. Finally, we needed eyes, and I had a special set of those: two large googly eyes with velcro on the back. The result was something like this:

Or this:

Wheel feet!

All-in-all I think the kids had fun and if you do crafts with your storytime it would be fun to then allow the kids to put together their own robots with paper shapes and glue.

The flannel Friday roundup today will be hosted by Lisa at Libraryland. To see all past flannels organized into categories, click on the icon to the right for our Pinterest page.

Happy flanneling!

Flannel Friday: (No Sew) Monster Finger Puppets

19 Oct

Oh boy, do I LOVE how these little monsters turned out!

I was inspired by this owl finger puppet post* from to make these monsters.  As you can see in that post, the puppets are a rectangle of felt, rolled into a tube with ends glued together. She then folded over two edges of the tube to create the owl “ears.”

I did the same for a couple of my monsters (fuschia, although it’s covered by pompom, and dark blue) but for the other three I improvised the tops, gluing each in a slightly different way. I then attached pompoms and googly eyes, and gave each a puffy paint smile.

Silly little monsters!

I found several different “5 little monsters” poems to use (see link), but this one was my favorite:

5 little monsters sleeping in my bed,

1 crept out from under the spread

I called to mama and mama said,

No more monsters sleeping in your bed!


No little monsters sleeping in my bed

None crawled out from under the spread.

I called to mama and mama said,

There are no monsters! Now go to bed!

This week’s roundup will be hosted by Mollie Kay! And if you’d like to see all of the past flannels, helpfully organized into categories, click the icon to the right to visit our pinterest page! To learn more about Flannel Friday (and to get more involved) visit our website!

Happy flanneling!

*I’m totally making the owls too.

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