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Flannel Friday: Counting Sheep

12 Oct

In the fall I always do a bedtime-themed storytime. It just feels like the right time of year to be thinking about long winter naps, so I break out the cozy (and silly and crazy and chaotic) stories about going to sleep. One book that I think is particularly gorgeous (and works great with my bilingual crew) is Sarah Weeks’ Counting Ovejas, illustrated by David Diaz. Bilingual text plus gorgeous, multi-colored sheep is a win in my book.

I decided to make a flannel board of it. However, I realized that as each sheep comes and goes on the same page, it would be like “drive-by flanneling.” None of the sheep stay on the page very long. Also, for the higher numbers, I’d be making multiples: 10, TEN! yellow sheep. So, the flannelboard very quickly morphed into something like my monster guessing game flannel.

The kids count with me as we put each one on the board. Then, I ask them “what color is sheep number 6?” So they’ve got to recognize the number, and then put the color with it. The teachers actually really liked this idea and I gave my pattern to a couple so they could recreate the activity.

After identifying all the colors, I turn the board around and take one off (no peeking!). The kids then have to tell me which color, or number, or both, is missing. They had fun!

Also: when I asked the kids what animal some people count when they can’t fall asleep, one young lady said: “I want to count zebras!” Hmmm…

This is an original pattern of mine, and I’m sharing it with you here. Feel free to make your own sheep! However, if you post the pattern on your site, be sure and give me credit.

Today’s roundup is hosted by Sarah at Read, Sarah, Read! And if you’d like to see all past flannels, click on the icon to the right.

Happy flanneling!

Flannel Friday: 5 Spooky Ghosts!

5 Oct

In honor of Flannel Friday’s HALLOWEEN EXTRAVAGANZA (I’m hosting the roundup too!) I made a quick and easy flannel to go with a “5 Little Ghosts” rhyme I found on Preschool Education.  I don’t generally do a Halloween storytime in the preschools, unless the school I’m visiting that day tells me they’re having a special celebration, so I don’t have a large stash of Halloween-related flannels.


5 little ghosts dressed all in white

Were scaring each other on halloween night.

“Boo!” said the first one, “I’ll catch you!”

“Boo!” said the second, “I don’t care if you do!”

The third ghost said, “You can’t run away from me!”

And the fourth one said, “I’ll scare everyone I see!”

Then the last one said, “It’s time to disappear!”

“See you at Halloween time next year!”

Here’s a pattern you can use if you’d like to recreate my silly little ghosts.  Check back RIGHT HERE later today for the full roundup EXTRAVAGANZA! And click the icon to the right if you’d like to see ALL past posts, organized neatly for your browsing ease.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN, Y’ALL! And happy flanneling!

Flannel Friday Roundup for October 5, 2012

4 Oct


Howdy and welcome to the Flannel Friday Roundup for 10/5! It’s HALLOWEEN EXTRAVAGANZA time! I’m looking forward to seeing what treats y’all have scared up.

LQ’s got two of the cutest little ghosties I’ve ever seen.

Nicole at Narrating Tales of Preschool Storytime brings us some Pumpkin Faces. I’m totally making a jack-o-pie this year!

It’s Halloween Night over at Storytime ABC’s!

Miss Tara has TWO possibilities for us – Chocolate Chip Ghost and some creepy Spiders! Two for the price of one! Thanks, Miss Tara!

Miss Courtney has a new take on an old favorite: Go Away, Big Orange Monster!

Angela’s Spectacular Story Time is week has 5 Little Ducks. Wait. 5 Little Ducks? What do they have to do with Halloween? Well, guess what. They’re wearing COSTUMES. Oh my!

Let’s Go Out on a Spooky Night with Lucy in the Children’s Room!

OOOO….Andrea at Rovingfiddlehead Kidlit takes us to a Haunted House! PS: LIFT-THE-FLAPS!

Katie at Storytime Secrets brings us Mr. Scarecrow’s Jack-o-lantern.  It’s a great one for big groups!

Linda at Notes from the Story Room shares an ORIGINAL draw-and-tell story (LOVE those, don’t use them enough!): Costume…or NOT?

You’ve asked Brown Bear what he sees. Now, Amanda at Tales and Trails has us ask: Jack-o-lantern, Jack-o-lantern, What Do You See?

Sharon at Rain Makes Applesauce shows us (or, actually, needs our help to) Make a Jack-o-Lantern. 

Who needs ghosts and ghouls? Anne at SoTomorrow has NINJAS!

Read, Sarah, Read brings us Ten Timid Ghosts – a cool haunted house with ghosts in the windows!

And last but ABSOLUTELY not least, Lisa in Libraryland has SEVERAL options for you: a flannel, a draw-and-tell, and a cut-and-tell! Thanks, Lisa!

Whew! That’s quite a few awesome posts to peruse!

If I’ve missed yours, please do let me know: add it to the comments, or send me a message on twitter: @daisycakes.

Wondering what all this Flannel Friday business is all about? Check out our website. Wanna get more involved – perhaps by being a Flannel Friday Fairy Godmother? Or a roundup host? Check here!  Everyone’s welcome and encouraged to participate in any way they feel comfortable! The more, the merrier!

Happy Flanneling!

Flannel Friday (in finger puppet form): 5 Little Ducks

28 Sep

I have a great set of Folkmanis duckling finger puppets. But some time ago, two of them waddled off to I know not where. So, I’ve been substituting a rooster and a penguin for my rendition of “5 Little Ducks“, to hilarious results. The kids think I’m a nut, and then we agree to pretend.

But I decided it was time to give Momma Duck back her 5 little ones, so I made some:


Aren’t they cute? The tufts on the top of their heads are a cut up pompom. Easy peasy!

Now when Momma Duck yells “QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK!” these are the 5 little ducks who come back.


Today’s roundup is hosted by Storytime Katie. And click the icon at the right to see all the flannels from past months, organized into categories!

Happy flanneling!

Flannel Friday: D-U-S-T-Y (the horse)

31 Aug

Holy schnikies, people! It’s been far too long since I blogged. I apologize for my absence. Here, in penance, I offer you a super-easy flannelboard:

I made this one several years ago when, on short notice, I was invited to do storytime at a cowboy-themed end-of-school party for one of my preschool classes. I whipped this baby up quickly, and it shows. I’m sure you can make a much nicer version.

The text is from The Bilingual Book of Rhymes, Songs, Stories and Fingerplays. The tune is “Bingo“:

There was a cowboy,

rode a horse,

And Dusty was his name-o.




And Dusty was his name-o.

Like my B-I-N-G-O board, I started with the letters, and then replaced them, one by one, with a picture of a horse. We neighed instead of saying each letter. Eventually, the board was all horses.

Was his name-o

Neigh! Neigh! S-T-Y

Now, those are some horses of a different color!

The Roundup today will be hosted by Linda. To see all past flannels, click on the icon to the right that leads to our Pinterest board!

Happy flanneling!


Flannel Friday: What Will Fat Cat Sit On? by Jan Thomas

27 Jul

I think many of us in library-storytimeland LOVE Jan Thomas’s books. They’re so simple, yet HILARIOUS. Who decides to write a book about dust bunnies who rhyme? Jan Thomas. Who decides to write about a fat cat deciding where to sit? Jan Thomas.

It’s the latter story that I decided to flannelize (yes, we decided that’s a word). I wanted my flannel pieces to look cartoonish, just like Thomas’s fun illustrations.

Here’s Fat Cat:

He enjoys his tuna.

Will Fat Cat sit on… THE COW!?


Will Fat Cat sit on the CHICKEN!?


Will Fat Cat sit on the DOG?


Then what WILL Fat Cat sit on?

Oh boy…

Perhaps he could sit on…

…the CHAIR!?


And, you’ll just have to read the book to find out what happens next.

The pieces are all cut from felt and painted with Scribbles 3D Fabric Paint.  The cat, dog, and mouse  (I deleted the knickers) are from, a new site I found this week. Here are the cowchicken and pig. For the chair I photocopied a page in the book.

I’m considering adding some words to this (at least the word NO!) as that’s one thing I love about the book – the print awareness it reinforces.

The Flannel Friday roundup will be hosted by Amanda at Toddler Tales. To learn more about Flannel Friday (and how you can participate) visit our blog. Click the link to the right to see all the flannels (over a year’s worth) on Pinterest.

Happy Flanneling!



Flannel Friday: A Blanket for the Princess

13 Jul

Today’s flannelboard comes from the wonderful book Storytime Magic – a great resource for any storytime provider. Here are the basics of the story (I have modified it a bit to include the colors I wanted):

The king and queen have a beautiful baby girl, whom they name Princess Marigold. They decide she must have a blanket as beautiful as she is. The king looks out the window at the blue sky and declares, “she must have a blanket as blue as the sky.” The queen also looks out and sees the bright sun, and declares, “the blanket must be as blue as the sky and as yellow as the sun.” This continues…

As white as the fluffy clouds… As orange as the flowers in my garden…

As green as the grass… As red as the cherries in the trees… As purple as the grapes on the vine… As brown as the earth from which they grow…

I like how it makes a nice little vignette

And, finally, as pink as our baby’s cheeks.

The servants look everywhere for just such a blanket but can’t find one. They bring in tailors and weavers from all over the kingdom and each can create a blanket with one of the colors, but not all. Finally, an old woman comes forward and offers her faded quilt that she wrapped her children in as babies. She made it from scraps of yarn, blankets, a dress, apron, curtains, and ribbons.

The King and Queen state that they are honored to have it, as it is “as beautiful as our daughter but also as warm as a mother’s embrace and as light as a father’s kiss.” They wrap Princess Marigold in the blanket and they all live happily ever after.

I wanted the quilt to have a bit of a “crazy quilt” look so I glued different-sized squares to a backing piece of felt and then used my very-beginning sewing skills to sew over them so it looks pieced together.

Here are the King, Queen and Princess; they’re a set of finger puppets someone in the office received as a freebie from Muzzy. The princess is clearly not a baby, but she’s the only princess I’ve got! If I can find a small baby doll I’ll use that instead, with my folkmanis prince and princess puppets.

I like this story because it’s a cumulative tale (we have to recite all of the colors each time, adding each new color) with lots of opportunity for the kids to participate and practice their color names. It’s also just a sweet story! Storytime Magic has patterns but I made my own; if you’d like to recreate mine, it’s here. Please, though, if you use it, give me credit, and do not re-publish.

Today’s roundup is being hosted by Storytime Katie!   For more information about Flannel Friday (and to learn how to participate) visit our blog. To see all past flannels, organized visually by category, click on the “flannel friday” icon to the right.

Happy flanneling!

Flannel Friday: Penguins and Polar Bears

6 Jul

We have some CRAZY heat happening here in Colorado. One of the downsides, besides just being miserable, is that our state is tinder-box dry and as you know we’ve had some terrible wildfires that have caused major destruction. If any of you are in states that have been having too much rain, feel free to send some our way. We REALLY need it.

I decided a few weeks ago that I wanted to do a Penguins and Polar Bears storytime, to help beat the heat. When I mentioned this to a friend, she was ADAMANT that I make it clear that the kids learned that penguins and polar bears DO NOT live together. So, to aid in her cause, I found this song:

(sung to the tune of “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean”)

Up North there’s a very cold ocean,

Where icebergs are big as can be,

Up north there’s a place called the North Pole,

Where polar bears swim in the sea.


Up north, up north, where polar bears swim in the sea, the sea!

Up north, up north, where swimming is too cold for me.

To demonstrate the idea, I printed off a globe picture and covered it in contact paper. I stuck a star sticker at Colorado’s (approximate) location, and put an “N” at the north pole and “S” at the south. Then I added pictures of the animals that live there.

The second verse continues:

Down South there’s a very cold ocean,

Where icebergs are big as can be,

Down South there’s a place called the South Pole,

Where Penguins all swim in the sea,


Down south, down south, where penguins all swim in the sea, the sea,

Down south, down south, where swimming is too cold for me.

There you have it! Simple, but a fun song, and we might learn something!

I’m hosting the round up today so check back during the day for updates! I’ll have the whole thing done by Saturday morning. Click on the icon to the right to see ALL the past flannels organized visually by subject.

Happy flanneling!



Flannel Friday Roundup for July 6, 2012

5 Jul

Happy Friday and Happy flanneling, folks!

Let’s get this party started, shall we?:

Sarah of Read Rabbit Read gives us that perennial classic (and always good time) Five in the Bed.

Sarah (a different Sarah) of Read It Again! brings us a cool storytime prop with Rocket Away!

Angela of Spectacular Story Time helps you get ready for next year’s 4th of July program (or this year’s New Year’s celebration?) with Fabulous Fireworks!

Katie from Storytime Katie has a super-cute version of the “Campfire Pokey” just in time for your camping-themed storytime!

Lisa out there in Libraryland has a cool take on a familiar tune: I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Paint Brush.

At Storytime Sparks we’ve got not one, but TWO sunflower rhymes:

Lucy at In the Children’s Room got a new flannelboard (lucky!) and shows us what she’s going to do with it! As she says, the possibilities are endless!

Bridget at What’s Bridget Reading? has a simple, yet lovely (check out the bling!) felt version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Amy at  Catching the Possibilities brings us a totally groovy version of Aiken Drum, complete with full outfit – including macaroni hat and dino nugget pants. Plus, she tells us how she worked her magic to make the food clothes – and you can do it too!

K at Storytime ABCs shows us how she turned a few inexpensive owl hats (VERY inexpensive – a quarter each!) into MANY owl hats – and shares a fun rhyme to go with them!

Piper and Jane at Piper Loves the Library bring us some insanely cute dinosaurs to match and to use with the song “We Are the Dinosaurs!”

Linda of Notes from the Storyroom has tangram storytelling – which is something I’d never heard of and now want to try!

And I’m finally getting back into the flannel friday swing of things with my penguins and polar bears globe.

Enjoy, friends! And check our pinterest page for all past flannels, or visit our website for more information on flannel friday!

Flannel Friday! Conejito by Margaret Read MacDonald

8 Jun

Conejito, retold by Margaret Read MacDonald, is based on a folktale from Panama. It’s a fun story with lots of repetition and, of course, a happy ending. I have been sharing this story with the preschoolers as part of my Bunnies storytime, and they’ve been enjoying it – even those who don’t speak any Spanish (there are Spanish words throughout, but they’re all explained and easily understood in context).

We start with conejito (little bunny) talking to his mother, and preparing to go up the hill to visit his Tia Mónica (Aunt Monica). When he gets there, she is going to feed him “cakes, cookies and every good thing” until he is gordito, gordito, gordito (fat, fat, fat!).

I gave mom some rockin’ glasses.

Conejito heads up the mountain, singing…

I have a sweet old Auntie,

My tía Mónica,

And when she goes out dancing,

They all say “Ooh la la!”

…until he runs THUNK into a Tiger. Señor Tigre.

Señor Tigre wants to eat conejito for lunch, but conejito convinces him to wait until he returns from Tía Mónica’s house because he will be gordito gordito gordito. Right now he is too skinny – flaquito flaquito flaquito!

Tigre agrees and conejito continues on his way singing and dancing until he runs smack into Mr. Lion – Señor León.

Conejito also convinces Señor Leon to wait to eat conejito, and he continues up the hill until he runs THUNK into Tía Mónica.

She’s fancy. She has a flower tucked behind her ear.

Conejito spends the summer with her, dancing, playing, and eating cakes, cookies and every good thing (but also fruits, vegetables, and fresh mountain water so he will be strong, strong, strong!). But when it’s time to head back to his Mamá, he tells Tía Mónica his problem.

Her solution is this: He will roll down the hill in a barrilito (little barrel). If Lion or Tiger stop him, he will tell them the mountain is on fire (Tía’s made a fire to make smoke) and they’d better run for it.

Conejito fits under the barrel.

Conejito DOES meet Lion and Tiger, but tells them:

The mountain’s on fire,

conejito is too,

you’d better run Señor León

or you’ll be barbecue!

They, of course, run away so conejito is able to continue rolling down the hill until he reaches his mamá. All’s well that ends well!

I’m going to learn this story so I’ll be able to tell it without the book. It shouldn’t be too hard to learn. I won’t know it perfectly, but well enough! I think this would make a fun readers’ theater too! The book contains the notes for singing the song about Auntie Monica, but I ended up making up my own tune. The kids liked chiming in on the “ooh la la!” The book also has a fox in addition to tiger and lion, but I decided to shorten the flannel version a little.

I got all the animal templates from rabbit, lion and tiger. You can also get the lion and tiger in two parts – head and body separated – from the same site.

Today’s roundup will be hosted by Katie at Recipe for Reading. To see all past flannels, click the icon to the right.

Happy flanneling!

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