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Flannel Friday: Balloons for a Party

24 Jun

Here’s a flannel good for birthdays, parties, or color storytime. I free-handed the balloons, then attached a piece of yarn with a hot glue gun (I wrapped it around once before gluing so it would look like it was tied on). Once again, I put the color words on my flannels to help with word recognition.

Here are balloons for a party
Because it’s my birthday today.
I have balloons for all of my friends
Who are coming over to play.

Here is a pretty round blue balloon,

As blue as a baby’s eyes.

And here is a bright round red balloon,

Just about your size!

Blue, Red and Yellow balloons!

Here is a happy round yellow balloon,

As yellow as bright sunshine,

And here is a lovely round purple balloon,

Like purple grapes on a vine.

Pardon the blindingly white one. I blame flourescent lighting.

Here is a little round orange balloon,

Like oranges from the store.

And here is a light round white balloon,

And now there are no more!

Since the kids will invariably ask “where’s the green one? Where’s the pink one?” I ask the kids what colors we still need. So we add a green, pink, brown and black balloon.

Ballon bouquet!

Check with Anne later today for the full Flannel Friday roundup!

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