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Ukulele in Storytime: BINGO!

5 Feb

Hi all! Because I love you, I decided to make a fool of myself share what I’ve learned about playing ukulele in storytime in a series of videos. I know lots of folks who are seasoned uke-ists (not a word) and some who are new to the instrument.  I’m somewhere in between, and I hope this will help those newbies gain some confidence in their skills and ROCK OUT in storytime – the kids love it and we all know how important singing is to early literacy skills development!

Here’s the first installment: BINGO! Kids, librarians and teachers alike all know and love this song, and it’s pretty easy to play on the ukulele. In the video I’ll share the chord fingering**, demonstrate playing the song, and show you my fun flannelboard.  I learned which chords to use at this awesome site.

Please excuse the poor lighting and the video quality. I’m no videographer – remember, I did this because I LOVE YOU and want your storytime to be the best it can be!

**What I call an A major chord in the video is actually an A MINOR. Whoops!


Bingo was his name-o.

Look for Flip Flap Jack (Aiken Drum) next – the chords I found on the site above were strange, so I figured out my own!

Happy Anniversary Flannel Friday!

20 Jan

I didn’t realize it has been a WHOLE YEAR since Mel started posting flannelboard ideas on her blog every Friday until I saw her post. Holy cow! It’s been a YEAR? And Anne and I, early adopters we, joined in on March 18. We now have a bunch of friends all over the world (yes, WORLD, as Library Quine’s all the way over in Scotland) participating in the fun! And a facebook page! And Pinterest boards! How cool is this? It’s wonderful that librarians are so willing to share their good ideas, all in the name of creating quality storytimes for kids.

So. About this week’s Flannel Friday. There isn’t one. Again. Sorry. Work has been just too busy to work on new ideas, and I’ve run out of already made flannels to use. But I DO have one half done, and REALLY REALLY hope to get it posted next week.

But for those of you who haven’t been on the Flannel Friday bandwagon since the beginning and may not have seen it, here is the FIRST Flannel Friday post I made: Baby Duck, Baby Duck, Are You in the [color] Egg?

And well before that (in 2009, I think, in fact!), I posted THIS about flannelboards in general (which includes my BINGO flannel and monster game flannel)

So hey! I guess I DID post a Flannel Friday today!

Happy Anniversary, y’all!


Feltboard, flannelboard, whatchamacallit – that thing you stick stuff on.

11 Sep
  • I use a flannelboard (feltboard? I never know which term to use)  a lot in my storytimes, and the kids really seem to enjoy anything I stick on the blue felt.  I carry a big red portable flannelboard and I often have kids point at it and say, “can we do that now?”   I have couple of ones that are particularly successful:
  • BINGO.  Obviously, the song alone is fun.  But the way I’ve modified it for my flannelboard really (I hope) reinforces phonological awareness — the ability to hear the smaller sounds making up words. We start with the 5 letters, each on a bright colored square.  As I put each on the board, we say the letter, but also say the sound it makes: “What letter is this? B.  What sound does it make?  Buh. Buh.”  We go through the letters and sounds again, and I tell the kids that as we put the sounds together we make the word: “Buh, Ih, NN, Guh, Oh.”  I say it faster and faster until we’ve got the word “Bingo!”  I run my finger under the word each time, from left to right.
    The letters to the song "Bingo" on my flannelboard.

    The letters to the song "Bingo" on my flannelboard.

    We sing the song the first time through, saying each letter.  Then, I turn over the first letter to reveal…. a dog!  The next time we sing, I explain, instead of saying the letter B, we’re going to Bark.  One time — for one dog.  And then say the rest of the letters.  Singing commences…

    Bingo flannelboard with 1 dog showing

    Bingo flannelboard with 1 dog showing

    We continue singing, turning over one letter to reveal a different dog each time.  We count the dogs to see how many times we will have to bark.  I ask the kids to guess what animal will appear next, giving them outlandish ideas like “octopus!” and “hippopotamus!”, while they continue to insist it will be another dog.   Finally, our last time through the song is all dog barks.

    All dogs!

    All dogs!

The letters are felt, hot-glue-gunned onto felt squares.  The dogs were taken from Microsoft Word clipart, printed out, and attached to the felt with contact paper (not the best, most-sticky way to do it, but they’re okay).

  • WHICH MONSTER (DINOSAUR, WHATEVER) IS MISSING? This one is less about early literacy skills and more about colors and memory.  I have 10 monsters (complete with googly eyes), each in a different color.  I put them all on the board, singing:

“One little, two little, three little monsters.  Four little, five little, six little monsters.  Seven little, eight little, nine little monsters.  Ten little monsters roar.  ROAR!”

We go through and name all of the colors, and then I tell the kids to take a good look, as I’m going to take one away and they’ll have to tell me which one is missing.  I turn the board around so only I can see it, hide behind it, and tell them not to peek (they always try to peek!).  I make a big show of “hmmming” and even sing a little song to myself: “I’m taking away a monster, a monster, a monster.  I’m taking away a monster, which one will it be?”  Occasionally I peek over the edge and glare at the kids as if I know that they’re peeking (this always gets a BIG laugh).  I remove a monster and ball it up in my fist.  Turning the board around I ask the kids to guess which color is gone.  We do this several times, with me eventually taking away two or three at a time.

This game has been a big hit.  The teachers are also able to evaluate which kids need help with their colors, and which have it down!  It can be done with lots of different themes — I have a set of 10 dinosaurs as well.

I don’t have any pictures of this one, but will try to take some and post them soon.  What are your storytime flannelboard (feltboard) hits?  And what the heck do you call that thing?

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