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Keeping Books Safe: Duct Tape Edition

17 Sep

We were talking about taking care of our books, as we always do at the beginning of a new school year.  I have been asking the kids what books are made out of, to get across the point that PAPER IS NOT STRONG AND THEREFORE BOOKS SHOULD NOT BE SAT ON, THROWN, OR USED AS A SLED.

One little girl responded to my “what are books made of” question with this awesome answer: “reading!”  Yes, my dear, books ARE made of reading.

A young man said that if a page was ripped down the middle, you could fix it with duct tape. I pointed out that you can’t see through duct tape, and if we put it on the page, we wouldn’t be able to see the pictures or words (demonstrating by putting my arm over the page).  He replied that we could instead use “white tape”.

Okay, kid has a point (as I think he mean’t clear scotch tape), but let’s all try not to rip our books in the first place, okay? Okay.

When caring for books, hold the fruit.

16 Sep

At the start of each school year, I begin my first storytime with each class by talking about how we take care of our books.  I try to make it fun and interactive, and not just me “lecturing” the kids, because even I would get bored listening to that.  This year my blue-haired puppet Zeke is introducing the subject by taking out his favorite book, a miniature copy of How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food,  that he keeps in his sweatshirt (it’s to big for his pocket).  He tells us that he takes good care of his book, because he wants to be able to read it forever (and ever and ever and ever and ever).  He then tells us HOW he takes care of his book: He doesn’t bend it, or rip the pages, or color in it with his crayons.  He gets upset when I pretend to put it in my mouth, and he and the kids tell me why it’s not okay to do that.  I ask if we’re allowed to sit on or stand on our books (“Nooooooo!!!!”), or throw them at our friends (“you might break something!” or “you might hit someone in the eye!”).  I think the message is a lot more effective if the kids can take ownership of it, and tell ME how we take care of our books.

Today, when Zeke metioned that he doesn’t color in his book with crayons, the kids started yelling out other things we don’t use to color in books:  “paint!”  “pencils!” “markers!”  “pineapple!”


Okay, technically, she’s right, we don’t want to get food on our books, but what made her think of PINEAPPLE??

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