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Flannel Friday: 5 Little Caterpillars/5 Little Butterflies

10 Feb

I must admit, I am VERY proud of how this one turned out. The text is (again) from Storytime Magic but the felt pieces are my patterns (based on clipart pictures I used for the basic shapes; although the tree branch I did freehand).

“Five little caterpillars and not one more…

One spun a cocoon and then there were four.”

The rhymes continue until there are nothing but cocoons hanging from the tree:


One cocoon opened underneath the sun,

Now there’s a butterfly and that makes one.”

This continues until there are five butterflies!

Here’s a closeup of the butterfly and his corresponding caterpillar. The antennae are made from a pipe cleaner, glued between the body and wings of the butterfly.

I got the idea for the caterpillar paint from a monarch butterfly caterpillar which has similar stripes.  I am working on a template with the basic patterns that I will post here ASAP. But I KNOW all you creative types can just as well make your own beautiful bugs and butterflies!

Happy flanneling!

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