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Flannel Friday: Color spinner for big crowds

22 Jul

Not much of a post today as I’m busy at work trying to pack things up for a temporary move, but I wanted to share with you a solution I came up with for a problem I was having with my color-related flannels: What do you do when, although you’d like to allow each child to choose a color from the board, you have more children than colors?

For flannels like Baby Duck or Little Mouse, Little Mouse, it would be nice to allow your storytime kids to take turns choosing a color and then look under it to find the duck or the mouse. But if you’ve got a big crowd, not everyone may get a chance (unless you do the whole game mutiple times), which may lead to hurt feelings. So rather than ME picking the colors, or having everyone yell them out, I created a color spinner so that we’d still have the element of chance.

It’s a color wheel (made by me, obviously, given how uneven the pie shapes are) stuck to piece of leftover foam core I got from our graphics department. I made an arrow using paper and manila folder and stuck it to the center with a push pin. It spins pretty well!

We spin the wheel, and the kids tell me which color comes up. If it’s a color we’ve already checked, we spin again!

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Flannel Friday: Mouse Count/Cuenta de Ratón

15 Jul

Today’s Flannel Friday idea comes from Making Learning Fun.

I made a jar and 10 mice of various colors. After reading Ellen Stoll Walsh’s Mouse Count, we sing this rhyme, to the tune of “Frere Jacques”:

Mouse count, mouse count

Mouse count, mouse count

Count with me, count with me

How many mice, how many mice

Do you see? Do you see?*

I DID have 10 mice. Where did #10 go?

We count the mice. I take one or more away and then we recite the rhyme and count again. This can be done an endless number of times!

To change things up, and to promote vocabulary, we also count how many mice are INSIDE (adentro) the jar, and how many mice are OUTSIDE (afuera). I may also ask the kids to name the specific colors inside or outside.

Inside mouse, outside mouse

We also do the same with UPSIDE DOWN (cabeza abajo) and RIGHT SIDE UP:

Upside down mouse, right side up mouse

This would work well for a Mice, Colors, or Counting-themed storytime.

For the full Flannel Friday roundup, visit Andrea later today!

*P.S.: I just made up this Spanish rhyme: doesn’t rhyme perfectly, but works with the tune:

Ratoncitos, ratoncitos,

Cuéntalos, cuéntalos

Cuántos ratoncitos

Cuántos ratoncitos

Puedes ver? Puedes ver?

Flannel Friday: Balloons for a Party

24 Jun

Here’s a flannel good for birthdays, parties, or color storytime. I free-handed the balloons, then attached a piece of yarn with a hot glue gun (I wrapped it around once before gluing so it would look like it was tied on). Once again, I put the color words on my flannels to help with word recognition.

Here are balloons for a party
Because it’s my birthday today.
I have balloons for all of my friends
Who are coming over to play.

Here is a pretty round blue balloon,

As blue as a baby’s eyes.

And here is a bright round red balloon,

Just about your size!

Blue, Red and Yellow balloons!

Here is a happy round yellow balloon,

As yellow as bright sunshine,

And here is a lovely round purple balloon,

Like purple grapes on a vine.

Pardon the blindingly white one. I blame flourescent lighting.

Here is a little round orange balloon,

Like oranges from the store.

And here is a light round white balloon,

And now there are no more!

Since the kids will invariably ask “where’s the green one? Where’s the pink one?” I ask the kids what colors we still need. So we add a green, pink, brown and black balloon.

Ballon bouquet!

Check with Anne later today for the full Flannel Friday roundup!

Flannel Friday! 1 Elephant Went Out To Play/Un elefante se balanceaba…

3 Jun

This week I’m doing a “Big, Grey Animals” Storytime: Elephants, Rhinos, and Hippos. So many great books to choose from! I will post all of my choices later on, but for now, here’s my flannelboard for this traditional rhyme:

Hard to tell, but Elephant #1 is grey. Really.

1 Elephant went out to play

Upon a spider’s web one day

He had such enormous fun

He called another elephant to come.


2 Elephants went out to play

Upon a spider’s web one day

They had such enormous fun,

They called another elephant to come…


I used a pipe cleaner for the web – it sticks really well. I’ve also used a piece of yarn, tied around the flannelboard. I decided to number my elephants to reinforce numeracy, and I did them in a variety of colors so we could, at the end, talk about them. “What color is number 3?”

Will the spider web hold them all?

Aren’t the elephants cute? I used this clipart elephant as my pattern.

When we get all 8 elephants on the spider web, I give the whole thing a shake and they fall off. Yes, I said 8: I only made 8 because why do we always have to count to 5 or 10? You can make as many as you like.

That's a lot of elephants!

This is also a traditional rhyme in Spanish; here’s the text:

Un elefante se balanceaba

Sobre la tela de una araña

Como veía que resistía,

Fue a llamar a otro elefante!


Dos elefantes se balanceaban

Sobre la tela de una araña

Como veían que resistía,

Fueron a llamar otro elefante…


Here’s a video of me singing the song version, in Spanish, on the StoryBlocks website.

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Flannel Friday! Best-Dressed Bear

6 May

This flannel comes from the book Best Dressed Bear by Mary Blocksma. I’ve actually never seen the book, but got this from a co-worker (I think?). It’s a nice rhyme, but honestly, my version has devolved into telling the kids that bear is going to a party and wants to be the best-dressed bear. What should he wear? We talk about all of the things he has to put on (vocabulary building!!) and I put them on EXACTLY in the order they tell me. Hilarity ensues. But if you want to do the ORIGINAL version, here it is:

A bear went down to a store in town.

“A dance!” Said the bear. “I’m going to a dance.

WHAT can I wear to be the best dressed bear?”

Bear has shorts as the kids kept telling me he needed them. So I made them.

“Socks,” said the fox, “get socks that are new.

You can get one, or you can get two.”

(Chorus) “Look!” Said the bear, “just look at me now,

I am the best dressed bear. OH WOW!”

“Not yet! Get a shoe!” said the kangaroo.

“You can get one, or you can get two!”

 (Repeat Chorus)

Bear's not afraid of color.

“Not yet,” said the sheep, “You need to wear,

A shirt and a tie, to be the best-dressed bear.”

(Repeat Chorus)

“Not yet,” said the goat, “Get a coat with a tail.

“Look at this coat, you can get it on sale!”

(Repeat Chorus)

“Not yet,” said the cat, “You need a new hat!

You cannot go without a hat like that!”

(Repeat Chorus)

Bear wears his hat at a jaunty angle, a la Gene Kelly.

“I’m the best,” said the bear, “I’m the best I can be.

I’m off to the dance, so EVERYONE can see.”

Then the bear left, to go out the door,

But everyone said, “there’s just ONE THING MORE!”


…”PANTS!” said the bear, when he got to the door.

“A best-dressed bear needs something more!”

You're never fully dressed without a smile! Bear also has mittens because the kids requested them.

So he went to the dance, in a new pair of pants,

and EVERYONE said, when the bear got there…

Look at that wonderful BEST-DRESSED BEAR!

(Stylish, isn’t he?)

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