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Flannel Friday (in finger puppet form): 5 Little Ducks

28 Sep

I have a great set of Folkmanis duckling finger puppets. But some time ago, two of them waddled off to I know not where. So, I’ve been substituting a rooster and a penguin for my rendition of “5 Little Ducks“, to hilarious results. The kids think I’m a nut, and then we agree to pretend.

But I decided it was time to give Momma Duck back her 5 little ones, so I made some:


Aren’t they cute? The tufts on the top of their heads are a cut up pompom. Easy peasy!

Now when Momma Duck yells “QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK!” these are the 5 little ducks who come back.


Today’s roundup is hosted by Storytime Katie. And click the icon at the right to see all the flannels from past months, organized into categories!

Happy flanneling!

Trailer Tuesday: The Pigeon Gets a Cookie by Mo Willems

3 Apr

Not much more needs to be said other than: THERE’S A NEW PIGEON BOOK AND IT’S OUT TODAY!!! Pigeons worldwide comment:

(Thanks, Mr. Schu, for pointing out the video!)

Flannel Friday: 5 Rubber Ducks

23 Mar

Quack! Here’s a flannel that can be used with a duck-themed storytime, or one about baths, water, getting clean, or toys. It would work great right after reading Eric Carle’s 10 Little Rubber Ducks. The text of the rhyme is from Storytime Magic, and while they say it works to the tune of “One Elephant Went Out To Play”, but I heard it in my head as the “5 Little Ducks” tune.:

5 rubber ducks came out to play,

Battling the waves in the tub today.

Along came the splash that sent one to shore,

And then he couldn’t play anymore.

4 rubber ducks…

3 rubber ducks…

2 rubber ducks…

1 rubber duck came out to play,

Battling the waves in the tub today.

Along came the splash that sent him to shore,

Now no rubber ducks can play anymore.

After each “splash” I’ll replace a duck with a water…blob? Splash? Mark? Drop? One of these:

I think at some point I may also make a big bathtub for them to sit in. Wouldn’t that be cute?

The Flannel Friday roundup will be hosted by Cate at Storytiming today. Check it out! You can see everybody’s flannels from past weeks (year!) by clicking on the felt link to the right, and see just mine by clicking the tab on the top of the page.

Happy flanneling!

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