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Flannel Friday: Mixed-Up Chameleon by Eric Carle

3 Feb

While there are a lot of parts to make for this one, I think the kids will enjoy it! I think you know the story of Eric Carle’s Mixed-Up Chameleon, about the color-changing lizard who wishes to be like the other animals. He takes on characteristics of the other animals until he realizes he can’t catch flies with all the other animal parts, and wishes to be himself.

The patterns for this flannel come from Storytime Magic, which the lovely Anne at So Tomorrow told me about. It’s a wonderful resource!

Here’s chameleon in his original form:

And while the different animals parts are added one by one, I thought I would spare you  that many pictures in this post. Here’s chameleon with the addition of flamingo wings and legs, fish fins, and a fox tail:

(I think I painted the fox tail backwards and it’s supposed to fit over and cover the chameleon’s tail. Oops. Oh well.)

Here he is with the addition of a giraffe neck, turtle shell, and antlers:

And finally, with elephant head, “people” hat and umbrella, and seal flippers:

Not only does he look silly, but he realizes if he was like all these other animals he wouldn’t be able to catch flies, so he returns to this:

Much better to be yourself than to wish to be something else, don’t you think?

Check out the roundup later today at Andrea’s Roving Fiddlehead Kidlit. And click the “Flannel Friday” icon to the right if you want to see all past flannels -organized, categorized, and sanitized (okay maybe not that last one)- in a visual format on Pinterest. Enjoy!



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