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Thinking out Loud: Technology in Storytime?

29 Mar

I actually wrote part of this post for Colorado Libraries for Early Literacy but I wanted to pose this same question (expanded) here as it may reach a different audience:

I’ve been thinking a lot about technology lately, especially as it may apply to storytime in the future. Will there come a time when we use our ipads to show our listeners the illustrations of a book, “swiping” our fingers across the screen to turn a page? I personally don’t think that specific scenario is going to happen soon, but I do think technology could be integrated into storytime in an interesting and fun way. For example, I know that some libraries show a video after storytime, usually an animated version of a book. With a video on an ipad, those of us who do outreach could bring that part of storytime to our patrons wherever they are, without having to worry about the site we’re visiting having a DVD player or TV (or bringing one).  What about interactive flannelboards? All your flannel stories stories stored in an ipad, with the touch-screen technology enabling you to move the parts around as we now do with felt pieces.  More portable, and ready to go without having to hunt through our files.  However, we lose the participatory aspect of sharing felt pieces and having kids place them on the board.  What do you think? Can technology be integrated into storytime in a meaningful way, without storytime losing its fun/learning/heart?

P.S. – I don’t have an ipad (but REALLY want one), so perhaps others have found a way to use theirs in storytime that I’m completely unaware of. If so, tell me how! And then I’ll have just one more reason to want to get one.



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