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Flannel Friday! Froggy Gets Dressed by Jonathan London

18 Nov

I’m pretty sure we’re all familiar with Jonathan London’s stellar first book about Froggy. But if not, here’s the Cliffs Notes Version. Froggy wakes up, sees snow out his window, and decides to go out and play in it. His mother tries to convince him to go back to sleep, as “frogs are supposed to sleep all winter. Wake up when the snow melts.” But Froggy is determined, so he puts on his socks, boots, mittens, scarf, and hat and flops out into the snow. Flop, flop, flop.

Froggy’s mom asks him what he forgot to put on, and he realizes he forgot his pants. After returning inside, taking off some clothes, putting on pants, and putting clothes back on, he flops back outside, only to be reminded that he forgot his coat and shirt. Flopping back inside, he remedies his lack of coverage on the top half of his body. On his third trip outside, his mom asks him yet again what he’s forgotten. This time, he can’t figure it out, until his mother reminds him: “your underwear!”

Needless to say, this story always gets a big laugh from the preschoolers. Here’s the flannelboard I created, with pictures via KizClub.

Froggy in bed, with his mom:

First trip outside (flop, flop, flop):

2nd trip outside, pants added:

3rd trip outside, with coat and shirt added:

And here are all the pieces that make up this flannel (socks, shirt, etc.) as you can’t see all of them in the pictures!

Each piece is covered in clear contact paper.  Froggy, his mom, and the bed have velcro dots on the back to make them stick to the flannelboard. Froggy also has a piece of double-stick tape, as do all the other pieces, to make them stick to each other. Easy peasy!

I usually read this story with my clothing themed storytime, but it would obviously work with frogs, winter, snow, silly stories, underwear stories (has anyone tried THAT as a theme?)…

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Flannel (Cookie Sheet) Friday: 5 Little Monkeys

10 Jun

I’ve been spending much of the week preparing for a couple of early literacy presentations I’m giving to parents at two different area libraries. One of the libraries specifically requested early literacy activities their parents could do over the summer that would keep their kids reading and developing early literacy skills, so I have been putting together a list of crafts, games, songs, and other ideas that they can use at home.

One of the great websites I’m suggesting is KizClub. It’s got great printable activities related to phonics and alphabet learning, as well as specific story-related activities.

From there I printed out the 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed set. I colored it, had it laminated (you could also use contact paper), cut out the monkeys, bed and numbers, and stuck a magnet strip to the back of each (luckily my friend was getting rid of TWO HUGE ROLLS of magnet strips). Voila! Substitute a cookie sheet for the flannelboard, and I’ve got a story to tell!

Monkeys stuck to my metal cabinet

Most parents don’t have flannelboards at home, but they often do have cookie sheets. If no magnet strips are handy, or contact paper, this activity can be just as much fun simply by coloring and cutting out the pieces. Parent and child can still use them to tell the story!

Haven't those monkeys learned their lesson?

Easy peasy, mac ‘n cheesy!

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