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Flannel Friday: Color spinner for big crowds

22 Jul

Not much of a post today as I’m busy at work trying to pack things up for a temporary move, but I wanted to share with you a solution I came up with for a problem I was having with my color-related flannels: What do you do when, although you’d like to allow each child to choose a color from the board, you have more children than colors?

For flannels like Baby Duck or Little Mouse, Little Mouse, it would be nice to allow your storytime kids to take turns choosing a color and then look under it to find the duck or the mouse. But if you’ve got a big crowd, not everyone may get a chance (unless you do the whole game mutiple times), which may lead to hurt feelings. So rather than ME picking the colors, or having everyone yell them out, I created a color spinner so that we’d still have the element of chance.

It’s a color wheel (made by me, obviously, given how uneven the pie shapes are) stuck to piece of leftover foam core I got from our graphics department. I made an arrow using paper and manila folder and stuck it to the center with a push pin. It spins pretty well!

We spin the wheel, and the kids tell me which color comes up. If it’s a color we’ve already checked, we spin again!

Visit Sharon later today for the full Flannel Friday wrap-up!

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