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Oink, Baa, Tweet, Moo! Animal Sounds Storytime

23 Aug

Animal sounds is one of my go-to storytime themes. SO MANY GREAT BOOKS, so much room for fun. I’m starting this school year off in a noisy way, and here’s what I’m planning:

My lovely duck puppet helps me start things off. She’s fluffy and expressive and vehemently quacks her displeasure when we talk about things we DON’T do with our books, like eat them, stand on them, color in them, or cut them – because I always do a little “book care” session at the beginning of the new storytime year.

  • McPhail, David. Duck on a Bike/Pato va en bici. Just right. We especially enjoy trying to find out where mouse is riding in the end – was there a bike his size?
  • Feiffer, Jules. Bark, George. I have recited this story, without the book, to a carful of adults and they LOVED it. It’s a new classic – so simple a story, yet comically genius.
  • Song: “When Ducks Get Up in the Morning” by Nancy Stewart. I pull various animal finger puppets out of a bag and we sing verses with each of them (including a triceratops, of course).
  • Davis, Katie. Who Hoots? I like this one because it’s got more than just the usual duck, cat, dog, cow, etc.
  • Flannelboard: Animal Sounds
  • Butler, Jon. Can You Growl Like a Bear? Again, more unusual animals. Like a snuffling panda! I don’t REALLY know what that sounds like, but I think I’ve come up with a good approximation.
Other books I might use:
What are your favorite animal sounds books? Please share! Mooooooooo!!!!
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