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Trailer Tuesday: The Pigeon Gets a Cookie by Mo Willems

3 Apr

Not much more needs to be said other than: THERE’S A NEW PIGEON BOOK AND IT’S OUT TODAY!!! Pigeons worldwide comment:

(Thanks, Mr. Schu, for pointing out the video!)

Be Happy.

25 Apr

I was reading Big Frog Can’t Fit In by Mo Willems to a group of toddlers. We had arrived at the page where Big Frog’s friends are going to help her. “What should they do?” I asked.

“Help her,” an adorable little boy responded.

“Yes…,” I said…

“So she’ll be happy,” he continued.


“Like me.”



She has a point.

28 Sep

Today I shared Mo Willems’ wonderful Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus with the kids.  When I got to the page where the pigeon pouts, “I never get to do anything!”, one girl responded with this oh-so-true statement: “You can fly!”

I mean, really.  Leave it to a preschooler to point out the obvious flaw in the pigeon’s logic.

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