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Go! Bananas! Go! Go! Bananas!

7 Nov

On Monday I read Miss Amy’s wonderful post about rhymes to use when your storytime group gets the wiggles. I especially liked how she divided them by wiggle-level – low, medium, and high – and the great rhymes she shared. It was especially timely as that afternoon I was co-teaching a
Bananastorytime training, and part of our curriculum was on dealing with disruptions – like the wiggles. I printed copies of the post and shared them with all attendees. Thanks, Amy!

One of the songs she mentions is the one that begins “form a banana…” and it reminded me of one I heard from a friend at Denver Public Library. I went looking online for that one, and instead found this gem. I’ve since used it with several classes and it’s been a hit with both kids and teachers. Love that it includes the word “shuck” – yay for new vocabulary! Plus, it’s just darn fun (and this woman gets an A+ for enthusiasm!) – the mashed potato part is my fave!:

Flannel (Cookie Sheet) Friday: 5 Little Monkeys

10 Jun

I’ve been spending much of the week preparing for a couple of early literacy presentations I’m giving to parents at two different area libraries. One of the libraries specifically requested early literacy activities their parents could do over the summer that would keep their kids reading and developing early literacy skills, so I have been putting together a list of crafts, games, songs, and other ideas that they can use at home.

One of the great websites I’m suggesting is KizClub. It’s got great printable activities related to phonics and alphabet learning, as well as specific story-related activities.

From there I printed out the 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed set. I colored it, had it laminated (you could also use contact paper), cut out the monkeys, bed and numbers, and stuck a magnet strip to the back of each (luckily my friend was getting rid of TWO HUGE ROLLS of magnet strips). Voila! Substitute a cookie sheet for the flannelboard, and I’ve got a story to tell!

Monkeys stuck to my metal cabinet

Most parents don’t have flannelboards at home, but they often do have cookie sheets. If no magnet strips are handy, or contact paper, this activity can be just as much fun simply by coloring and cutting out the pieces. Parent and child can still use them to tell the story!

Haven't those monkeys learned their lesson?

Easy peasy, mac ‘n cheesy!

Check in later at 1234 More Storytimes for the Flannel Friday Roundup!


11 Jan

But...but I'm so CUTE!

Today, we were reading stories about dinosaurs. Many of which are posted here.

A young lady felt the need to inform us all of this: “My brother is scared of monkeys.”

Duly noted.

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