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Flannel Friday: Counting Sheep

12 Oct

In the fall I always do a bedtime-themed storytime. It just feels like the right time of year to be thinking about long winter naps, so I break out the cozy (and silly and crazy and chaotic) stories about going to sleep. One book that I think is particularly gorgeous (and works great with my bilingual crew) is Sarah Weeks’ Counting Ovejas, illustrated by David Diaz. Bilingual text plus gorgeous, multi-colored sheep is a win in my book.

I decided to make a flannel board of it. However, I realized that as each sheep comes and goes on the same page, it would be like “drive-by flanneling.” None of the sheep stay on the page very long. Also, for the higher numbers, I’d be making multiples: 10, TEN! yellow sheep. So, the flannelboard very quickly morphed into something like my monster guessing game flannel.

The kids count with me as we put each one on the board. Then, I ask them “what color is sheep number 6?” So they’ve got to recognize the number, and then put the color with it. The teachers actually really liked this idea and I gave my pattern to a couple so they could recreate the activity.

After identifying all the colors, I turn the board around and take one off (no peeking!). The kids then have to tell me which color, or number, or both, is missing. They had fun!

Also: when I asked the kids what animal some people count when they can’t fall asleep, one young lady said: “I want to count zebras!” Hmmm…

This is an original pattern of mine, and I’m sharing it with you here. Feel free to make your own sheep! However, if you post the pattern on your site, be sure and give me credit.

Today’s roundup is hosted by Sarah at Read, Sarah, Read! And if you’d like to see all past flannels, click on the icon to the right.

Happy flanneling!

SNOOOORRE! Bedtime Stories Make Me Sleepy.

11 Oct

There are SO MANY good bedtime stories to choose from.  I think the ones I use skew toward the lively, as otherwise I’d be putting myself to sleep. Here’s what we’re reading (more than needed for a standard storytime, but I always have extras):

  • Stein, David Ezra. Interrupting Chicken. Oh, how I love this book. Little Red Chicken is supposed to be relaxing and falling asleep while Papa reads her a story, but she can’t help…interrupting. Great way to introduce this new word!
  • Yolen, Jane. How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight/¿Cómo dan las buenas noches los dinosaurios?  A new classic. And you get to fake cry! Bonus!
  • Dewdney, Anna. Llama Llama Red Pajama/La llama Llama rojo pijama. I love it when great stories like this are translated into another language AND it still rhymes AND the story hasn’t changed much. Occasionally the English and Spanish versions of a story will be completely different! Not here. The story of little Llama’s bedtime drama is the same.
  • Fingerplay (or fingerpuppets or flannelboard): 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed! Here’s a printable flannelboard or magnet version.
  • Root, Phyllis.  Creak! Said the Bed. Mama lets everyone into the bed on a cold, blustery night. Dad says no to letting one more family member in, but he jumps in anyway – to disastrous results.
  • Flannelboard (or action rhyme): 10 in the bed
  • Bardhan, Sudipta. Chicks Run Wild! Mama wants her chicks to go to bed. But when she leaves the room, they run WILD!

Other books I like:

  • Chaconas, Dori. Can’t Sleep Without Sheep! Ava needs the sheep to keep jumping the fence in order to fall asleep. But when they quit the job, can any other animal replace them?
  • Fore, S.J. Tiger Can’t Sleep. The boy can’t sleep because there’s a tiger in his closet…eating potato chips! Boy implores Tiger to be quiet as tiger continues to engage in all kinds of noisy activities.
  • Wood, Audrey. Napping House/La casa adormecida. A fun cumulative tale with lots of sleep-related vocabulary.
  • Wilson, Karma. Bear Snores On. On a cold night, the animals gather in bear’s cave and have a party. But bear misses it – he’s too busy snoring!
  • Martin jr., Bill. Kitty Cat, Kitty Cat, Are You Going to Bed? A rhyming story about kitty’s activities at bedtime.
  • Weeks, Sarah. Counting Ovejas. A bilingual story of a boy counting colorful sheep. A lovely concept book!

*Yawn* I think I need a nap now. Read me a bedtime story?


Flannel Friday: Lisa Can’t Sleep

27 Jan

A quick FF post for y’all today. I still haven’t finished my new flannel, but I found this one in my files (I had forgotten all about it) and thought I would share. It’s a slightly changed version of the story Lisa Can’t Sleep by Kaj Beckman. I think the book is out-of-print, but I was able to find one via ILL.

Basically, the story is this. Lisa is ready for bed:

Lisa’s mom tells her to go to sleep. But she can’t, Lisa says, without her doll! She gets doll, puts it in bed. Mom again asks her to go to bed, but Lisa says the doll can’t sleep without the rabbit.  This continues – mom telling Lisa to go to bed and Lisa needing one more thing – until the bed looks like this:

Finally Lisa says she can’t sleep because there’s no room for her in the bed (I let the kids guess this part). She chooses one item, her doll, and finally goes to bed.

Here are all the items I made (not all of them appear in the book). I freehanded everything, and it shows a bit, I think. The bed is a graphic made in MS Word, then attached to manila folder and covered in contact paper. I added a felt bedspread to give it some shape and texture.

There it is! Enjoy! And doesn’t Lisa have lovely slippers?

The lovely Anne over at So Tomorrow (one of the original Flannel Friday-ers) is hosting today’s round-up. Or click the “Flannel Friday” link to the right to see all the flannels of the past (sounds ghostly…ooooohhh!) organized in visual form on Pinterest.

Flannel Friday: The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything

21 Oct

Halloween flannels FTW! I just remembered late last week that I had this or I would have posted it sooner. I’m pretty sure you all know the story, but here’s a quick recap:

Little old lady goes walking in the woods looking for nuts. It’s getting dark as she’s heading home, and behind her, she hears a sound: two boots, going “CLOMP CLOMP”. One by one, other disembodied items of clothing begin to follow her:

A pair of pants goes “WIGGLE WIGGLE”

A shirt goes “SHAKE SHAKE”

A pair of gloves goes “CLAP CLAP”

And a scary pumpkin head goes “BOO! BOO!”

(Here are all the things that are following her. I had a piece of felt with tiny sparkles in it that simulates night):

She runs home, but the clothing and pumpkinhead follow her. She tells them she’s not afraid, so they ask, “what’s to become of us!” She whispers her idea to them.

(I turn the flannelboard around – I use a portable one – and set up this scene before having them guess the solution. Then…)

The next morning, she finds, in her garden, a lovely, big, scarecrow. Perfect!

Here’s a picture of what the scarecrow’s hanging on:

I freehanded all of these pieces, and I’m not the greatest artist, but if you’d really like to use my designs here they are. I also found some activities to go with the book from Making Learning Fun and a reader’s theater version.

Visit Mollie later today for the full Flannel Friday roundup! And click on the icon to the right to visit our Pinterest page! Thanks!

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