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Flannel Friday! Make-a-Pig

11 Nov

This week I’m reading silly stories (my favorite!) with the preschoolers, and I’ve been looking forward to using Sharon’s Make-A-Pig Flannel for this theme since she posted it back in may! It’s a great way to get kids to use vocabulary, as we have to describe the color and shape of the various parts of a pig, as well as where on his body they go! If you take the kids very literally when you add pieces to the board, you’ll end up with some pretty funny results!

Several kids have asked to make another animal after we finish this one, so I think you could do this with other animals as well!

We start with the body:

Kinda looks like a pink potato, no?

The first thing we have to add is a head:

That's not right?

After figuring out where the head really goes, we add the eyes:

They just told me to add eyes; they didn't say where...

Oh! Eyes go on the head.

As Sharon said, very Picasso-esque. Pigcasso?

Once we figure out that the eyes are horizontal, we move on to the nose:

Excellent! What?

That’s not right? That’s a trunk? Oh, okay. How about this?

Okay, so a pig doesn’t have a beak. He has a pink, round, snout. Let’s find some ears:

Whoops! Those aren’t right!

Cute, but no.

So. Pig’s ears are pink triangles. Let’s find some legs:

Are pigs' feet supposed to be webbed?

No. Pink feet.

Perfect! Now we need a tail. A pigtail!

A ponytail?

Let’s try another tail, on the bottom this time:

Cute and fluffy, but no.

Once we figure out that a pig’s tail is pink, curly, and goes on his bottom, we’ve made a pig!

Personally, though, I think a pig needs something extra: a wig!

With Hello Piggy bow!

Get it? Pig, wig! It rhymes! No? Okay fine. But look! We made a PIG:

Check in with Sharon (the originator of this flannel) later today for the full Flannel Friday roundup! And click the link to the right if you’d like to see all the posts organized in a visual manner on pinterest. Enjoy!

Flannel Friday! 5 Pigs So Squeaky Clean (thanks, Mel!)

1 Apr

For this edition of Flannel Friday, we feature a flannelboard rhyme again shared with me by the lovely Melissa, when I begged for pig-related rhymes on twitter (yay for crowdsourcing storytime! Librarians are so good at sharing).  I think she did tell me that this rhyme did not originate with her, though. Happen to remember where you got it, Mel? At any rate, it’s awesome.

Clean Pigs!

We start with 5 pigs, clean-side-up (I made mine reversible), above a big mud puddle.   The rhyme is sung to the tune of “5 green and speckled frogs”:

5 pigs so squeaky clean,

cleanest pigs you’ve ever seen,

Wanted to go outside and play [shout: IN THE MUD!]

1 jumped into the mud,

landed with a great big THUD! [clap or slap leg]

now there are 4 pigs squeaky clean [oink oink]

3 pigs so squeaky clean…etc.


Dirty piggies!

As a pig jumps into the mud, I try to very quickly turn it over to the “dirty” side. Some of the kids don’t catch my trick, and are amazed at the “magic”. Some of the kids aren’t, and will inform the others how it happened. Feeling smart is awesome.

The kids added the “IN THE MUD!” shout – a couple classes just did it spontaneously as I started the rhyme. I liked it so much that I started encouraging it.

The clipart I used for the piggies is here (I printed the pig on paper, cut him out, stuck him on felt, and cut around).  Enjoy some good clean fun with these piggies!

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