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Apropos of nothing.

15 Sep

I love the fact that little kids completely lack filters on their brains.  They think something, they say it — it’s as simple as that.  And they don’t always say it at the most appropriate times.  Some of the questions/statements I’ve been interrupted with in the middle of storytime:

  • “Where’s your bedroom?” (I got that one today)
  • “Where’s your boyfriend?”
  • “Where do you live?”
  • “Why do you have red hair?”
  • “I like your hair,” closely followed by another voice: “I don’t.”
  • And the litany of make-me-feel-so-good affirmations: “I like your dress,” “I like your earrings”, “I like your shoes,” and my personal favorite, “You look pretty!” (awww, thanks!)

I generally ignore most of these kinds of interruptions during storytime, or tell the kids we’ll talk about it after stories (by which time they will have forgotten their question).  But I just love how their minds work.  The gears are always turning…

What have you been asked/heard in storytime?

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