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Flannel Friday: The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything

21 Oct

Halloween flannels FTW! I just remembered late last week that I had this or I would have posted it sooner. I’m pretty sure you all know the story, but here’s a quick recap:

Little old lady goes walking in the woods looking for nuts. It’s getting dark as she’s heading home, and behind her, she hears a sound: two boots, going “CLOMP CLOMP”. One by one, other disembodied items of clothing begin to follow her:

A pair of pants goes “WIGGLE WIGGLE”

A shirt goes “SHAKE SHAKE”

A pair of gloves goes “CLAP CLAP”

And a scary pumpkin head goes “BOO! BOO!”

(Here are all the things that are following her. I had a piece of felt with tiny sparkles in it that simulates night):

She runs home, but the clothing and pumpkinhead follow her. She tells them she’s not afraid, so they ask, “what’s to become of us!” She whispers her idea to them.

(I turn the flannelboard around – I use a portable one – and set up this scene before having them guess the solution. Then…)

The next morning, she finds, in her garden, a lovely, big, scarecrow. Perfect!

Here’s a picture of what the scarecrow’s hanging on:

I freehanded all of these pieces, and I’m not the greatest artist, but if you’d really like to use my designs here they are. I also found some activities to go with the book from Making Learning Fun and a reader’s theater version.

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