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*Cue thumping bass* “I’m Elmo and I Know It”

6 Feb

Are you familiar with the band LMFAO? They’re current chart-toppers and popular with the young folks, I’m told. Actually, I’m aware of them as my Zumba instructor has used their songs in our workouts, and I kinda enjoy their silly tongue-in-cheek take on dance music.

I was talking with my friend Kia about them and she asked if I had seen the Elmo (you know, Elmo? From Sesame Street?) parody of their song “I’m Sexy and I Know It” – “I’m Elmo and I Know It.” I hadn’t and when she sent me the link this morning I watched it immediately.

HIGH-LARIOUS, people, especially if you’re familiar with the original. The folks at Sesame Street had nothing to do with this, but the girl who sings sounds an awful lot like the furry red monster himself! I’m especially partial to Elmo’s dance moves, myself. Enjoy:


Sesame Street does Glee to help kids learn about the letter G! You’re Welcome.

22 Sep

Sesame Street does a spot-on spoof of the TV show Glee, all in the name of helping kids learn the sound that the letter G makes. Letter knowledge at its finest! Early literacy learning FTW! What kid isn’t going to go away from this knowing that G can make two different sounds?

This post is brought to you by the letter B

11 Nov

B, as in, belated.  And birthday.  I meant to post something about Sesame Street’s 40th anniversary yesterday, but alas, that didn’t happen.  But I still wanted to say it: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SESAME STREET!  I hope for 40+ more years of Big Bird, Grover (not scared of monsters!), Oscar, Elmo, Ernie, Bert, and the rest of the street gang.   And speaking of Street Gang: that’s the title of a great (if somewhat exhaustive) history of Sesame Street.  It was really interesting to hear about how the whole idea came about (at a dinner party, by the way).  Check it out!

And, for your entertainment, a couple of my favorite Sesame Street moments.  First, Bert, doin’ the pigeon (he loves pigeons almost as much as oatmeal):

And, Grover and John John count a penny:

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