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Flannel Friday! 1 Elephant Went Out To Play/Un elefante se balanceaba…

3 Jun

This week I’m doing a “Big, Grey Animals” Storytime: Elephants, Rhinos, and Hippos. So many great books to choose from! I will post all of my choices later on, but for now, here’s my flannelboard for this traditional rhyme:

Hard to tell, but Elephant #1 is grey. Really.

1 Elephant went out to play

Upon a spider’s web one day

He had such enormous fun

He called another elephant to come.


2 Elephants went out to play

Upon a spider’s web one day

They had such enormous fun,

They called another elephant to come…


I used a pipe cleaner for the web – it sticks really well. I’ve also used a piece of yarn, tied around the flannelboard. I decided to number my elephants to reinforce numeracy, and I did them in a variety of colors so we could, at the end, talk about them. “What color is number 3?”

Will the spider web hold them all?

Aren’t the elephants cute? I used this clipart elephant as my pattern.

When we get all 8 elephants on the spider web, I give the whole thing a shake and they fall off. Yes, I said 8: I only made 8 because why do we always have to count to 5 or 10? You can make as many as you like.

That's a lot of elephants!

This is also a traditional rhyme in Spanish; here’s the text:

Un elefante se balanceaba

Sobre la tela de una araña

Como veía que resistía,

Fue a llamar a otro elefante!


Dos elefantes se balanceaban

Sobre la tela de una araña

Como veían que resistía,

Fueron a llamar otro elefante…


Here’s a video of me singing the song version, in Spanish, on the StoryBlocks website.

Check in with Miss Mollie’s Storytime Fun later today for the full Flannel Friday roundup!

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