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27 May

I’ve been such a blog slacker lately. Slogger? I promise I will remedy this situation in the near future; I’ve got storytimes on frogs, dogs and cats, music and movement, birds, and more that need to be aired!

In the meantime, enjoy this bit of knowledge from a preschooler:

Starring Simon the Super Rabbit!

We read I Don’t Want to Go To School  by Stephanie Blake. Simon the Super Rabbit is anxious about his first day of school.  Once that first day is over, however, and he’s enjoyed some drawing, ball-playing, and drumming (as well as chocolate mousse in the cafeteria — how you know this book was originally published in France), he decides he doesn’t want to go home.

I asked the kids, “why do you think he doesn’t want to go home now?”

Typical answer: “because he likes school”.

Unexpected answer: “because he has a girlfriend”.

Gulp. Um. Okay?

Apparently, according to a teacher, this is not too far-fetched for preschool.

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